British Heavyweight Wrestling Star
'Kay Jutler'

Known by multiple names, Michael Kohlweg AKA "Kay Jutler" is known across the globe as one of the most entertaining athletes in professional wrestling today.

At 5ft 10" and tipping the scales at just over 200lbs, the muscle bound British heavyweight has made his presence known in the sport. 

His career has taken him across Europe, Canada, America and Japan making him a truly internationally recognised success.

With a total of six heavyweight championship victories including both the NBWA and CSF titles, he has secured his place at the top in British wrestling circles.

And his career is still on the rise...

The Beginning


At the age of fourteen Michael was training to realise his childhood dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Originally trained by 4-Front Wrestling in Swindon, Michael quickly developed skills in both mat wrestling and aerial acrobatics.

When he finally made his debut, the decision was made to use a mask to cover his face, hiding how young he actually was. Though his physique was developed beyond his years, his face was still noticeably youthful. He acquired an orange costume and an orange mask and thus 'Canno Tangoe' was born.

The acrobatic, lucha-libre, high flying style fit perfectly with Michael's natural athleticism and speed. He soon became one of the most popular characters in British wrestling.

His career reached new heights when we won the CSF all nations light heavyweight championship and was voted best cruiserweight in Britain. This earned him top billing on events and, despite being a light heavyweight, was the main event on all Combat Sports Federation shows.

Canno Tanoge's popularity continued to climb as he began working in more promotions across the UK.

The characters popularity was not the only thing growing. Michael's size was continuously increasing through his consistent efforts in the gym. He competed in his first bodybuilding contest and after winning the under 18's trophy, considered that a move to the heavyweight world would open more doors.

For several years Michael wrestled in different promotions under different names. He continued to compete as Canno Tangoe, defending his CSF light heavyweight title, while competing in heavyweight contests elsewhere under his own name without a mask.

As the level of competition started to get tougher, along with the number of dates Michael was booked, it became clear that working a double schedule was too much.

After five years of success in the light heavyweight class, Michael retired the Canno Tangoe character and focused his sights solely on heavyweight wrestling.

Apple Tangoe

'The Male Model' Kay Jutler





Bursting on to the scene with a new look and a new name was the now four time bodybuilding champion "Kay Jutler."

The name was originally a comical parody on Michael's bodybuilding achievements. One of the top bodybuilders in the world at that time was a then two time Mr Olympia Jay Cutler. After a sarcastic and rather dismissive approach to Michael's bodybuilding success, he was labelled with the name Kay Jutler as a joke.
Little did they realise that Michael would then go on to win a total of eight bodybuilding titles, including the heart of England championship.

His success both in and out of the ring forced people to accept his talent and open contests to him for entry. He was no longer considered a joke and was taken seriously as a credible competitor in the heavyweight leagues.


'The Male Model' tasted big success when he was crowned the first ever NBWA heavyweight champion. This was the first heavyweight title Michael had ever won and had great sentimental value to him.

"This showed me I belong in the heavyweight class. I am good enough to be here"
-Michael Kohlweg

He managed successful title defences against some of the biggest names in professional wrestling, including El Ligero, Former WWE superstar Kid Kash and Former WWE and Current NOAH champion Harry Smith Jr. Known also as the son of the 80's wrestling star "The British Bulldog."

Being the NBWA champion opened doors for Michael to work across the waters in Europe. Being recognised not only as a champion, but as a world class entertainer, he was flown to France to work for Tigers Pro Wrestling. News of his victories in France spread and he was soon asked to compete in Hamburg Germany for Maximum Wrestling. He was then invited to several other countries in Europe

With continuing success against big names across Europe and the UK, his name was travelling well in wrestling circles.


Career Jeopardy


Opportunity came knocking, in the form of an invite to compete in the All Pro Wrestling young lions cup tournament in California, USA. The tournament was designed to take the best young independent talent from across the world and set up a one night tournament to crown the young lions cup champion.

Though this event was filmed in one of the smallest venues Michael would ever work, this was the first time Michael would be seen on television in the United States and was an opportunity to advance his career.

The tournament was a huge success, with Kay Jutler making it all the way to the final. Beaten in the final by Hawaiian Jeff Cobb. Michael had achieved what he set out to do. The name Kay Jutler was now introduced to the American market and he could work off of his tournament victories to gain further matches in the United States. 

This came later when he was invited back to compete again for APW the following year in the same cramped venue. But it was in that match he suffered a serious injury.

After his awkward fall his neck trouble prevented him from competing for several months.

The time away from wrestling helped him set up his incredibly successful personal training business MK Total Fitness.

Using what he knew from the world of fitness, he was able to teach wrestling training seminars to groups of starters in UK wrestling companies.

He was then able to return to the ring for a grand return tour of California, working across Los Angeles, Hayward, Oakland, Atascadero and Sacramento. Even though he sustained a broken hand in a match in Oakland, he was able to finish the tour and, upon return to the UK, win back the NBWA Heavyweight championship.



The Biggest Stage


With huge success from his US tour, Michael also added dates in Canada to his schedule. Competing in only two events in Calgary and Regina.

Once home, he managed to win back the NBWA heavyweight title and secure his number one contender spot for the CSF Heavyweight title.

For years Michael had been competing in CSF as Kay Jutler, working toward the heavyweight championship. He won several matches securing his place as the number one contender, only to be overlooked. With a total of four number one contender match victories he had been given zero title matches.

His opportunity finally came in Frome when he beat Charlie Garrett to become the Combat Sports Federation All Nations Heavyweight Champion.

It was a special victory for Michael, holding the title he was once considered too small to compete for.

In 2015 Michael was invited to the private World Wrestling Entertainment try outs held in the O2 arena in London. WWE talent scouts were familiar with his work and wanted a close up look at what this British wrestling prodigy could do.

After an intense two days Michael then worked for World Wrestling Entertainment as a "Rosebud" on their live televised O2 events.

Michael had now had a taste of working for the very company he grew up watching.

"It was a surreal experience for me being backstage in the place I've always dreamed of being. That invite confirmed to me that I deserve to be there and will continue to work as hard as possible to earn a full time contract with the company."
-Michael Kohlweg  

Michael Continues to work across Europe, defending his titles and competing against the best in the world.

He has a rare combination of youth and experience, which will work in his favour as he continues this journey in the world of Professional Wrestling.




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