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"I started lifting weights at the age of fourteen.

The more I trained the more I saw a positive change in my body, both aesthetically and in my strength. The act of studying textbooks never showed its benefits to me at that age, but with training the benefits were right in front of me. I could see it and feel it.

I knew I wanted a career in the fitness industry, to help people feel the same sense of accomplishment that I was feeling. But a gym owner told me I should never aim to make a career out of training.

You don't want to do this for a living, otherwise you'll lose your love for it.

I took his advice and qualified as a plumbing and heating engineer. But it didn't take long for me to realise this wasn't my calling. So I packed up my tools and took off to earn my CYQ Level 3 qualification in personal training and nutritional qualification for physical activity.

I founded MK Total Fitness and started helping people achieve the same sense of accomplishment I feel every time I use the gym. I changed my own life by taking a huge risk, but it paid off better than I had ever dreamed. Today I travel the world, providing training and nutritional advice for individuals looking for the answers to weight loss and good health. I haven't lost the love for it yet."

-Michael Kohlweg


Nutritional Support

There have been so many opinions on nutrition over the years it's hard to keep up to date with what you can and can't eat without hideous consequences. Everyone has an opinion.
Many people rely on the tried and true adage of "everything in moderation." This opinion tends to come from people who are too lazy to research anything themselves and generally feel that the word 'moderation' acts as a sort of get our clause when challenged on the subject.

But now the guess work has finally been removed from weight loss. Individual nutrition programmes are available, setting you on the path to a happier and healthier lifestyle.



Personal Training

One to one training sessions are available for all abilities and backgrounds. Having such a wealth of experience with a diverse client base, means you will be in safe and trusted hands. Personal Training can help clients with fat reduction, muscle development, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and even high blood pressure.

One to one injury training is also provided. Helping the rehabilitation of dislocations, fractures, strains and breaks. Training is such a vital component of recovery that is so often delayed due to fear. However, when approached with guidance from a professional, recovery training can be some of the most rewarding exercise in which you ever take part.


Group training seminars have been provided since 2011. Some of the first training seminars were held in Banbury in the Spiceball leisure centre.
From there the popularity of these group training sessions has risen to great heights. Seminars have since been provided as far as Hayward, California and even Viborg, Denmark.

The sessions are a variety of intense cardiovascular exercise drills and body weight conditioning. Seminars vary from a one day intense workout session, to a five day progressive programme.



MK Muscle Wear

MK Muscle Wear is now available. The most comfortable training gear on sale today. With a light weight design and easy breathe fabric, it's the best choice in gym and exercise clothing.

The brand has a range of male and female T-shirts and Vests.

The MK Muscle Wear Tracksuit bottoms have adjustable draw strings on the waist and ankles for comfort and zip up pockets to look after your valuables while running. They also have zips on the ankles to ease weight training or cycling.

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