The Food Of Champions

Your body is like a machine, it runs best on the right fuel.

In order to win eight bodybuilding awards I had to focus heavily on my diet. So much so in fact, that food became the main focus of my preparations. Lifting weights and exercising are obviously integral parts of any sport, however it's the right food at the right times that can transform a person.

This is also true outside of the competitive world. Anyone who has gone to work after skipping breakfast can attest to the dramatic change a person can feel even by missing just one meal. Food is such a vitally important part of our lives and yet it is also the most neglected part. This is why I have created this little space to provide easy to follow recipes. This list should take the guess work out of healthy eating and provide a few satisfying meal time ideas. These are meals I have made myself and so if they're good enough for a professional athlete, I hope they'll be up to your standards as well... Enjoy!


food-1631727_1920Meat Dishes


Vegetarian Dishes

salmon-518032_1920Fish Dishes


Dessert Dishes