8x Bodybuilding Champion

Michael started competing at the age of seventeen.

After having built a respectable foundation from his early start in the gym, he researched the top bodybuilding contests in the country.

The Natural Physique Association caught his eye the most. Being a company which prided itself on drug free competition made Michael decide that the NPA was the place he would like most to compete.

Being a complete novice to the sport, he travelled to NPA contests to watch from the crowd how these events were run and judged. Keeping a particularly close eye on the junior category, which he intended to enter.

After watching several events, the burning desire to compete overwhelmed everything else in Michaels life and he set his sights on competing and winning the Under 18's championship.

Training in Pro Strength & Fitness gym in Swindon, he received all the help he needed to become a credible threat on stage.


Journey On Stage


At the age of seventeen, Michael stepped onto a bodybuilding stage for the first time. Due to his comfort and familiarity with being on stage, he was not subject to the same pre show nerves many competitors feel.

He competed in two separate categories in a single day, the under 18's competition immediately followed by the Under 21's competition.

Once the day was over, Michael came away with a 4th place medal in the under 21's category and the 1st place NPA under 18's trophy.

Winning on his first appearance on stage was a huge confidence boost for the aspiring athlete. He immediately signed up for the next under 18's contest that same year, going on to win that contest also.

After his initial success on the bodybuilding stage, Michael was approached to model for several projects. He was known for being incredibly selective and only working for photographers with a clear vision. Irrespective of the money offered, Michael would only work with a very select group of photographers.

Michael continued to compete within the Natural physique association for several years, picking up a long list of competitive wins.

After winning the under 18's championship twice, he set his sights on the under 21's championship. This title came with an added prize. A victory in this class came with a qualification to the NPA British Finals.

With no under 18's category in the British finals, the only way for Michael to become British champion, not just regional champion, was to win the under 21's regional contest and qualify to the British finals to compete against the best in his class

Due to his youth and naivety in the sport, a win in this class did not come easily.

He managed to win 2nd place in the under 21's regional which earned him a qualification to the British finals, however he chose not to compete in the British finals that year.

After taking nearly an entire year away from competing, Michael returned to the bodybuilding stage with a thicker, harder and better developed physique. This gained him the 1st place under 21's heart of England championship he had set his sights on two years earlier. Also earning him his second qualification to the NPA British Finals.

When competing in the British Finals he secured 4th place. After the British finals he decided to take a step back from the world of bodybuilding and began focusing his attention on his wrestling career now exploding across the European scene.

His future in bodybuilding is uncertain. The keys to correct nutrition were not just learned from a text book, but followed and tested. Michael has a first hand knowledge of how the human body is capable of such incredible change. He continues to use his knowledge, experience and professional qualifications to educate personal training clients on nutrition. Whilst making an incredibly successful career as a trainer, the fire to return to the competitive bodybuilding stage has seemingly diminished.

Will he ever compete again? Only he can say...


bodybuilding trophies

  • N.P.A South East Best Junior 1st place

  • N.P.A South East Under 21 4th place

  • N.P.A Mike Williams Classic Junior 1st place

  • N.P.A Mike Williams Classic Under 21 2nd Place

  • N.P.A Mike Williams Classic Best Presentation 1st place

  • N.P.A North West Under 21 3rd place

  • N.P.A Heart of England 1st place

  • N.P.A British Championships Junior 4th place




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